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German Jura Marble and Solnhofener limestone
Precious Stones



The southern Franconian mountains (Jura-area), a quarrying region for Solnhofener limestone and German Jura marble, is – with its 150 million-years-old fossiles – a very rich fund of geological history. In the Eichstätt Jura-Museum you can see the fossiles of dainty crayfish, insects and huge fish, also a four-metre long crocodile and rare pterosauria. The most precious exhibit is a specimen of the famous archaeopteryx.

In 1951 the fifth fossil of the archaeopteryx was found at the Petershillheight in Workerszell, in the quarrying of Ludwig Niefneckers marble works. This marvellous specimen can as well be seen in the Eichstätt Jura Museum.

Willibaldsburg: Today the Jura-Museum-Eichstätt. In former times – 1355 till to the 19th centruy – the residence of the Eichstätt prince-bishops.  
Picture of the archaeopteryx
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